Unlimited 3

이 지 현  LEE JI HYUN


2020 Doctor in Fine Art, Dongduk Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

2016 Major in Oriental painting and True colored Painting, Hansung University, Seoul, Korea

1996 BFA in Oriental Painting Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea


2021 Our Hero - Gallery O Square, Seoul, Korea

2021 Rumination of Memories, Reflection on the Essence-Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2021 Invitation to Retropia : A World of Comfort and Rest conveyed through the Innocence of Childhood - Gallery O Square, Seoul, Korea

2019 montage : a happy portrait - Gallery O Square, Seoul, Korea

2017 K-Minhwa - SETEC, Seoul, Korea

2012 Korea Housing Fair Art Collection – Coex, Seoul, Korea

2011 The Beauty of Korea, Lee Ji Hyun exhibition - Sunggajung gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008 Seoul New Art Fair _ SINAF - SETEC, Seoul, Korea

2007 Seoul New Art Fair - SETEC, Seoul, Korea


2021 TRiCERA ART Registiration Artist - Tokyo, Japan



       Chaekgeri...au dela beaute des livres - Centre Culturel Coreen, Paris, France

       Le livre est plein de beaute / Espace International Cosmopolis, Nantes, France, Centre Culturel Coreen, Paris, France, Korean Culture Center, Madrid, Spain

       Chaekgeori – National library of Korea, Seoul, Korea

2020 PLAS 2020 Contempory Art Show - Coex Convention&Exhibition Center, Seoul, Korea

2019 New Wave 25 Insa Art Plaza, Seoul, Korea

       Chaekgeori Today - 1st Dongduk Art Gallery, 2nd Indang Museum in Daegu, Daegu, Korea

       The Essence of True Colors, Portrait – Gallery Is, Seoul, Korea

       Sehwa – Gallery Hanok, Seoul, Korea

2017 LA Show Me Festival - Art Gallery KCCLA, LA, USA

       The Mainstream of Our Color Painting, Jinchae – Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 Sehwa - Gallery Hanok, Seoul, Korea

2013 Today and Yesterday of Our Minhwa – Mibu Art Center

       Minhwa Paintings for Happiness – Korean Cultural Center LA, LA, USA

2012 Korena Minwha Center, Our Minhwa - GyeungJu World Culture EXPO,Gyeungju, Korea

2010 Korea Art Festa, The accompaniment of tradition and modernity / Danwon museum, Ansan, Korea

       Paul Smith- the STRIPE – Gong Art Space, Seoul, Korea

       Korea Art Festival Korean Embassy in Vietnam – Korean Cultural Center,Hanoi, Vietnam

2009 Hong Kong Art Show – Hong Kong Shatin Town Hall, Hongkong

       Youth Artist Exhibition – Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

       Hong Ik Minwha Exhibition – Dosan Hall, LA, USA

       The Multiformity of Arts in Silk Road – Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (National Museum), Istanbul, Truky

       Pop Art – Galleria Soonsoo, Seoul, Korea

       International contemporary new art fa, Tokyo, Japan

       Davao Philippines International Exhibition – Gaesanno mall Special Gallery, Davao,  Philippines

       Kite, Fly in the Sky of Seoul – National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Seoul, Korea

2008 Beijing Olympic Celebration, Bejing, China

       Korean Minwha Exhibition– Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

       Berlin art invitation – galerie son, Seoul, Korea

       Spirit and Beauty of KOREA – Korean Cultural Center LA, LA, USA

       The 2nd Herald Korean Art & Culture Festival – Ansan Art Center, Ansan, Korea

2007 The New Spring Gift of Artists – Sejong Center For The Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea

       Korea-Germany Cultural Exchange Invitation – Art Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany

       Life-Spirit-Style Our Minwha - Dabosung gallery, Seoul, Korea

       The Invitational Beijing of Korea and China Arts Exhibition – K Space, Seoul, Korea

       Show me – Kungin gallery, Seoul, Korea

       The 1st Herald Korean Art & Culture Festival – Ansan Art Center, Ansan, Korea

2006 Kunghyang housing fair Art Festival - Kintex, Seoul, Korea

       Tokyo Art Festival – Yokohama Airi special space, Tokyo, Japan